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You’ve heard whispers about this place. You’ve might have seen notes swap hands on the busy streets of Uldah, found a cryptic message on a shipping manifest in Limsa, or a carved symbol on a less traveled grove in Gridania. Standing outside of it now, you are greeted with the same symbol that has haunted your travels leading you here to this place.

It appears so mundane, so normal – that for a moment you truly wonder if the fuss you’ve made to get to this point is all in your head. Perhaps, it has all been errant dreams and this journey has been a misguided fool’s errand. Still, you’ve come this far and while it isn’t too late to turn back the draw of the unknown outweighs your better judgement, and you turn the handle.

 You don’t remember stepping into the dimly lit foyer. You are almost certain you felt yourself tugged forward despite no one touching you. The air is notably colder despite the warm expression from what you can only discern to be one your hosts for the evening. The ebbing fear recedes with a welcoming smile, a soft word, or perhaps just a light brush of your shoulder as you are escorted in.


Was that a set of fangs you had seen? You are almost certain you saw a scaled hand on the guard in the corner as he removed his glove. Those horns didn’t look to be common to other Xaela that you’ve seen. You realize in that moment that all you see, may not truly be what it seems.


IC Setting

You’ve stepped through a portal into the in between. As with most spaces in the void it's taken the form determined by it's current denizens against a backdrop of pure darkness. Simple desires of each patron can often manifest with one of our hosts. The void is the connective tissue between different worlds, and it is here where you can interact with entities previously beyond your grasp. There is the pervasive feeling of uneasiness (that many find thrilling) when within the venue.

What are Voidsent?

 When a creature is deemed too unnatural to be "of  Eorzea", they are categorized as "voidsent", based on the common belief they were sent by a sinister force from beyond the corporeal realm.  The Void was originally one of the thirteen versions of the Source created when Zodiark was defeated in ancient times. The Void is similar to the First as it became imbalanced in the absence of light. The world and its denizens transformed after being consumed by the darkness. Voidsent are beings from this space that have crossed over into this realm.  There are numerous types of voidsent and one might be quite different from the other. 

What we provide

 Null & Void provides a neutral, lore rich setting to interact with a variety of different creatures including voidsent, werewolves, vampires, fae, and many more. Null & Void is primarily a host club for conversation and company. Immersive roleplay is the primary focus of the venue.  Each of our staff members have unique stories, traits, and contributions to lore. Neutral ground is enforced by security as well as the denizens of this void space and anyone seeking to disrupt operations will surely face a dire consequence. 

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