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Black vodka, fig vodka, creme de Cassis, Dry Vermouth and a freshly plucked fig from our gardens create a rich and satisfying cocktail to soothe the blackest of hearts. A favorite among many creatures of the night, this drink is as pitch black as the void that surrounds you.


3000 gil 


3000 gil 

Eggistential Dread

The only thing to fear is fear itself; and perhaps half of the individuals in the room. This drink is a combination of gin, lavender, and frothed eggs harvested the night of opening for a delectable sweetness. Just, don't' ask where the eggs come from and why they are purple

This drink has aphrodisiacal properties


3000 gil 

The Blood PRice


A delectable combination of bourbon, pomegranate, lemon, and Chambord that's enough to liven up the most dead of nights. A rejuvenating and refreshing concoction certain to get your blood pumping. It's rumored that vitae can be added for more discerning customers, but do not question as to it's donor. 


Fae'd Away

Arguably Ethyris' oldest cocktail, the Fae'd Away is a mischievous take on an Old-Fashioned. A deceptively simple blend of whiskey, sugar and bitters, and a must for any lover of dark spirits seeking perfection in a glass. With smoked rosemary sprigs and an infusion of citrus and thyme, this drink will be sure to make all your troubles fade away.

3000 gil 


Hell's Kiss

Hot enough to warm the coldest of hearts, Hell's kiss is a flaming color changing, shimmery cocktail. Fruity, tangy, floral and sweet with a bit of heat on the backend, gin and elderflower come together in a magical harmony. If you've not a mind to dance with the devil tonight, how about a kiss instead?

3000 gil 


Full Moon Martini

This sweet and creamy delight will have you howling at the midnight sky. Coconut cream, vanilla vodka, and blackberries come together to delight the palate without putting hair on your chest (unless requested). Finished with a candied sugar rim in a coupe champagne glass with a circular ice cube.

3000 gil 


Dessert Desert

Inspired by the sweet and energetic Kai, this aromatic cocktail has a floral flavor tempered by the dry gin and tart lemon, and it receives an extra dose of eye-catching color via an edible flower garnish and edible shimmer. Whether cooling down from a heatwave or needing something sweet yet refreshing to end your night with, this drink is sure to provide.

3000 gil 

3000 gil 


A deceptive cocktail made of blanc tequila from the New World, sour fruit of mature Malboro, and with a float of vitae, red wine, or aether, the Malrita is sure to get you screaming for more. Or maybe that's from the hallucinations cause by the main ingredient, either way you're sure to have a Hells of a night.


5000 gil 

Dragon's Blood

drink pic.png

A sweet blood red wine with the infusion of black roses and a Smokey redwood finish. It has been aged, on average, 10-20 years. Those whom partake of the wine will have an overwhelming sensation to begin drinking more - ultimately turning into an addiction. You will be entranced by the artistic ability of enigmatic flavors and a sensational aftertaste. This wine is created and housed within Midnight Luxuries as Madame Dracona's Special creation.

3000 gil 

Spoonful of Sugar

The herbal notes of absinthe and ether are balanced out by acidic lemon juice and decadent creme de violette in this potent, blue cocktail. With a sugared rim and an edible aster flower finishing off this deceptively sweet treat, it's bound to help make the medicine go down. A drink concocted by the equally sweet-and-sour Glitchy Aster.


Wine and Beer


SENNA CHARDONNAY (Gridania)- Creamy, buttery style                          

   VYLBRAND PINOT GRIGIO (Mists) - Fruity, well balanced                           

ZAHAR ’AK SAUVIGNON BLANC (Thanalan) - Fresh & crisp

PIXELATED CABERNET SAUVIGNON (Sharlayan) – Unforgettable, slight vanilla

N&V MERLOT (Personal Orchard) - Rich and Velvety, and barrel aged in aether

VOID CASKED PINOT NOIR (Unknown) -Hints of plum, mocha, & terror


NAAHMA'S OATH - Stout Milk/Sweet

STOLAS ALE- Strong Golden Ale




KORE - Wheat Beer

1000 Gil


Bite out of Hell Challenge

For 50,000 gil (or, as rumor has it, if you let particular staff sample your flesh) you can sample our most grueling drink yet. This concoction has likely been sitting under the bar for far longer than this bar has had access to Etheirys. There are no promises you will survive (either our proprietress or the drink!), but we do challenge you to try. This drink may or may not be tainted by voidsent aether, we make no promises either way.

Teal wisps of smoke sift off the surface of the drink hinting at black licorice and clove. No, it seemed more like a raspberry or black current, was it? Whenever your mind starts to pick apart the ingredients it shifts in aroma confusing the senses. Any member of the staff will tell you, if they've dared to try it, that they've had an unforgettable night. Some say it was an eye-opening experience, while others swore they were able to taste color. Taking the drink in your hand and having spent your gil, even though you've already made your decision to imbibe you can't help but to feel as though you are on the precipice of the unknown and something is staring back at you.

Roll Chart

  • (0) - But Did You Die? You die. This will kick off an RP event for your character if you, in fact, do not want final character death

  • (1-300) Monsters Everywhere You are completely wasted. It's difficult to stand and you are seeing doubles. It might be best to lay down for a short while until the room stops spinning. All hosts appear more monstrous than what you observed prior; either it is all in your head or you have made a grave error...

  • (300-350) On the Contrary You find yourself doing the opposite of what you would normally do. Something about that drink just made you want to change your ways. Too nervous to talk to the person you had your eyes on? Not any more you're not. 

  • (349-400) Liar Liar, Pants on Fire You find yourself wanting to compulsively lie. With every  lie you tell you become increasingly warm. Will you be an inferno by night's end or will you simply drink more to keep that tongue from wagging? 

  • (401-450) Kissed by a Rose on the Grave  You didn't hear it before, but you certainly hear it now - the wails, pleas, and whispers of the dead. There are many within the halls. Perhaps you can find out more about what lead to their demise; the guilty culprits may still be within these walls.

  • (451-500)  Void Touch  You planned on getting close to the creatures tonight, but perhaps you've gotten too close. Whatever was in the drink leaves you with a subtle hunger and  a draw to this place. You are comfortable here; more comfortable then you thought you'd be. Maybe you should stick around past closing...

  • (501-550)  Squirrel  You are easily distracted and pick up on several conversations in the room. Your interest bounces from person to person drawn to whatever captures your attention in that moment. 

  • (551-600)  Obsession You become obsessed with whatever captures your attention after you take that first sip. It might be one of the hosts, or something as simple as the umbrella garnish across the way. Maybe a candle is particularly appealing to you - either way, you simply must do whatever possible to get close to it. 

  • (601-650) Truth be Told You manage to remain on your feet, but your tongue is set free. For the remainder of the night, you must speak the truth.

  • (651-700) You're Just Paranoid You feel fine. The drink was a little strong but as you look around everything looks the same. Except you feel an overwhelming sense of fear and paranoia. It must be the whispers. What must you sacrifice to get it to stop?

  • (701-750) I Spy, With My Third Eye Everything's great. Wow your vision is fantastic. Wait...why is there a third eye in the middle of your forehead?! This isn't permanent right? Your perception of your surroundings increases...with the additional gift of a temporary third eye.

  • (751-800) Million Gil Question Drinking this concoction has allowed your consciousness to be noticed by a host of your choosing. You have one chance to ask any yes or no question regarding the venue or staff and receive a truthful answer.

  • (801-850) Not a Night to Remember You completely forget the last 24 hours.

  • (851-900) Liquid Courage For the rest of the night, you are immune to the sensation of fear and are unable to be unnerved or rattled. You might have the courage to do something you normally wouldn't!

  • (900-950) True Sight As you finish the drink, your head aches slightly. As you look around, you can perceive the aura/aether of every being in the venue. You can gain insight into the true nature of any member of the staff at a simple glance.

  • (950-995) Life of the Party Filled with energy, you feel great after whatever it was you imbibed. Maybe the aether in it had amazing synergy with you, or you got a heavy pour of the good stuff. Either way, you feel fantastic! No matter what happens, nothing can keep your spirits down.

  • (995+) Hell's Belle No one has ever triumphed a shot quite like you have. Not only will your name be immortalized upon the wall for staff and patrons to see, but you gain the temporary ability to resurrect if killed within the venue's walls. Ever wanted to experience something with one of our hosts but was pretty sure it would kill you? Now's the chance.


Yui Himaa - 10/6/22

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