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Immersive Experience

Given we are an immersive roleplay venue, we encourage and aim to provide a platform for ic connections to not only happen, but grow and develop. As such, please refrain from using the /say chat for ooc comments, chatter, and so on. Refrain from using the /yell or /shout chat unless given explicit permission from management.  If you want to roleplay and connect with hosts, please keep your 'roleplay' tag on for the duration of your stay; if you wish to simply observe and check out our venue, you are more than welcome to do so! We ask that you have your tag off so as to not confuse our hosts. 

Mature Audiences Only

Because of the topics involved in our venue, both you (OOC) and your character (IC) must be 18+.  If it is found out neither is the case, you will be asked to leave; minors will not be tolerated at the venue under any circumstances. 

No minions, no weapons

The void's barely hospitable as it is; we've done what we can to ensure the bar's intact and that's that. As such, minions are prohibited from the premises unless you don't mind not seeing your small friend ever again. Weapons aren't needed within these walls, so they, too, are not allowed in the venue: words and drinks solve any quarrel, after all. 

No discrimination

As a venue, we are welcoming to all sorts of characters, regardless of race, orientation, sex, or representation. Any display of slurs, harassment, or discrimination will not be tolerated nor allowed. Violation will invoke immediate banishment from the venue and discord. 

Sins of Flesh

We do not sell ERP. We cannot and won't police what goes on in private chat or rooms, however Null and Void's focus is on story and not ERP.


This goes both ways; please respect and understand our staff may not be comfortable roleplaying topics for reasons of their own discretion. Should you wish for a particular scene, understand that there may be a varying amount of people willing and available to write it. 

Take fighting outside

The only fighting ever approved is through the proprietress (pre-arranged fight for entertainment, for example). Staff will not start fights with patrons and anyone in violation of this rule will either find themselves as an entree for our staff or escorted outside. 

Bloodying the fists

If an approved fight is upon you, staff are at a +250 advantage on the /random dice thanks to fighting on their home turf, likewise being a creature of the 'beyond'. Patrons regardless of species will not be given an advantage on dice. Given this is on a case-by-case basis, any fighting-centric roleplay is best sought out at fighting-oriented venues.

Venue Rules: Void Where Prohibited

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