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Casual Roleplay

Under the bar's place in the vast void, this is the standard encounter of a host approaching and giving what time they can. Attention's not given freely for long, however; eyes must be kept diligent and float our lovely hosts around to ensure all are catered to. Please note that busy nights might leave time limited with the host that catches your sight! 

If you want to be approached by our creatures and folks of the night, do have your 'roleplay' tag on to let our hosts know you're fresh meat. If you prefer to explore and stick to the shadows, then no tag will keep you invisible to our hungry eyes--for now. Should you find a particular host to spend time with, or a preference of traits, contact management or the head host to be pointed in the right direction! 

Individual Services

50k gil/30 minutes

Feeling deflated when hosts come and go like spectres of the night? Wanting to get your time, one on one, with one of our lovely staff? Speak with management to arrange a booking; rest assured, all efforts aren't for naught: bookings go directly to the host without any house cut. All roleplay must be both consensual and its contents arranged between you and your host. 

Feeling Lucky

1,000,000 gil 
Want to share a good time with those in your company? Buying out the bar not only gets you tailored announcements throughout the evening, but also reaps the rewards of splitting gil among hard-working hosts and hostesses for the night. Give them love, for the void's fickle nature can easily vie for it. 


In our array of hosts, there are many skilled with the lens and understanding of photography. Interested in getting a shoot for yourself or friends, or perhaps you and your host? Contact management to connect with a photographer that might meet your needs! All photographers have their own prices and will be discussed upon connection; bookings thereafter go completely to the photographer themselves!

Beyond the Void Services

The hosts might be tethered to the Void during the bar's hours, but beyond it, they are their own free spirits. Booking off hours varies between hosts and they may or may not charge as a result. If interested in booking multiple at a time, contact management during open hours or via Discord. is open off hours and can be arranged to host an event or run private plots by contacting management in game or discord. Gil prices vary pending on the nature involved

Our private rooms

Photography Services

Want some pictures taken to commemorate the evening or perhaps a private session? We have talented photographers who will happily take photos to suit your wants and desires. 

Photos: Hikaru Photography

High Quality Screenshot Commissions

Owner Portfolio -

Contact via Discord - @Qasar Orben/Hikaru Matsuo

Photos: Black Dove Photography

High Quality Screenshot Commissions

Owner Portfolio -

Contact via Discord -

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