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VIP Experience

To get on the VIP list, talk to one of the people in Management


Second Rung (250k gil/month)

  • 30 min early entry

  • free drinks during the early entry period

  • access to a special VIP channel on Discord

  • special monthly VIP event night access

  •  priority entry (should the venue be full)

  •  free one-hour booking with host of choice in room of choice once per month (host must agree)

  • One SFW free photo session/month with a staff member of choice. (Provided by Black Dove Photography, one pose, 3 photos. You must reach out to Kotu'a to claim this benefit and schedule a time.)

Every month you pay into Second Rung counts towards Cloud of Darkness. So if you decide at some point you want to upgrade, we will deduct your total amount paid from the requisite 10 mil and you just pay the difference

Cloud of Darkness (one time donation of 10 million gil, Membership for Life)

All of Second Rung while also including:

  • Free drinks for a +1 on nights you are present (not restricted to the early access period)

  • Permanent drink added to our menu in your name; must be approved by Management

  • Can book the venue once per month for free on an off-night for special event (Bonding Ceremony Parties, Nameday parties, RP events, etc) 

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